Easter 2018


We welcome you to the following Easter services and events at Burlington.

Maundy Thursday Meals in Homes: 29th March

We would love us all to share meals on Thursday 29th March with your Missional Community, Small Group, neighbourhood, friends or family. Either a simple meal or a full Passover type meal.

Here are some resources that have been used by our communities previously. You can use them in their entirety or adapt them to suit your meal:

You could very simply have a meal and share communion OR even just invite a group of non christians to share a meal with you We will also be hosting our older friends Mandy Thursday lunch with communion during the daytime.

Good Friday Service and Picnic: 30th March

The Service starts at 11:00am, we then head to Alderman Park for an Easter Egg hunt and bring your own picnic.









Easter Sunday including early morning: 1st April

We will meet at 6:15am at the Suffolk Food Hall for worship, a short reflection and a time as family together celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. Hot drinks will be available. As the Sun comes up, let’s celebrate that the Son of God has risen so we can be called Children of the Risen King.

Then we will gather as normal at Burlington at 10:45am. This will include an Easter Party for the children and family communion.






Bible notes for Holy Week, Prayer Vigil and Easter at Home

The Ministry Team have written a Daily Bible Study for every day of Holy Week.

This is available here: Daily Bible Study

If you would like a printed copy please let Mark, Claire or Jane know ASAP and we will arrange for this for you.

Through the night into Good Friday, we are encouraging people to set time to pray. Jane Hewson is coordinating a prayer vigil based on the last hours of Jesus. Please see her at the end of our services to commit to pray for 30 minutes or an hour.




The Ministry team have been challenged about using our houses to shout about the good news message of Easter. We have also released a resource with some ideas on how to decorate your house, invite people to missional events and to use Easter as an opportunity for celebrating with non Christians. This is also available from the website/social media accounts.


Easter Weekly Challenges

Week 1: Create an Easter Tree and make your own Hot Cross Buns! 

Easter Weekly Challenge Video Week 1

Make your own Hot Cross Buns









Week 2: Make an Easter Garden and Invite someone to an Easter Service using the Invitations!


Easter Weekly Challenge Video Week 2

Make an Easter Garden

Print Your Own Easter Invitations: 

PDF Format  Word Format







How to get to Burlington Baptist Church

Please see the pages detailing how to find Burlington.