Burlington Baptist Church Internship

Intern Programme 2018

Burlington Baptist Church, Ipswich are looking to recruit a number of interns who will commit to an 10 month programme of discipleship, ministry development and Church based experience. Burlington has a strong leadership team and healthy Church community with a number of growing Missional Communities. We are excited to offer internships within a number of areas of Church life including youth, missional communities, creative worship, administration, children's work and with our ministers. 

For more about the Church please explore our website: www.burlingtonbaptist.org.uk 

Burlington’s intern programme will be part of FORM, an intern programme based out of network churches Sheffield. They will support with the recruitment, the teaching element and wider involvement with other interns based in Sheffield, Coventry and Liverpool.

Have a look at this film from Form (Network Church Sheffield). 

How it works

DAY 1: is devoted to Study, personal growth and discipleship. This will include teaching from Form central (based in Sheffield), worship, and time to discover and use many discipleship tools that will assist in your personal faith development. 

DAY 2: You will intern with a key leader in your chosen area of ministry. You will experience what they do, get involved in that area of ministry and hopefully begin to grow into responsibilities in that area. 

The rest of the time is set aside for you to find a part time paid job to fund your year as well as be involved within a workplace environment allowing you to have your own mission network and put what you are learning into practice. There is an expectation that you will also be part of one of our Missional communities and play an active role within this as would any other church member. 

Throughout the year there will also be some residential time away with other form interns from around the country. These are covered in the below costs. 


£1350 For your internship, you will need to fund your living costs on top of this.  Practical assistance with finding affordable accommodation can be provided. 

Previous Intern Experiences

"My time at Burlington as an intern has been brilliant! I've been challenged, given clear roles and responsibilities, grown in my faith and character; all while being supported and encouraged by the awesome team here. God has grown me in the gifts he's given me and I've loved all the opportunities I've been blessed with in my time here." - Josh Luetchford


Henry Matter

Fay Somers

Find Out More 

We would love to help you explore whether this is the right opportunity for you.
For more information or to arrange an initial chat, please contact Claire our Intern Leader - claire.earl@burlingtonbaptist.org.uk