Prayer Room

Burlington’s 24 hour Prayer Room

Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th February 2012.

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What’s the big idea?


A prayer room is a place, set aside with creative things to help you connect with God, where there is continuous prayer as people create a chain by spending an hour in the room at a time. Our prayer room will be in the old welcome area at the back of our worship space.



The Ministry Team says, "our first 24/7 prayer room was just amazing, and exceeded our expectations. We are really excited about all that God is going to do this time."


Burlington Prayer Room pictures and comments

Read Simon Harris Blog here with more pictures and comments from people about the Prayer room or click one of the images below to see more





24-7 Prayer – a movement

24-7 prayer began in Chichester in 1999 with a group of students who planned to pray for a month but didn’t stop until Christmas. Over the last 20 years prayer rooms have spread across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Over 10,000 prayer rooms have prayed night and day across every continent except Antarctica.

Amazing Stories

Read some of the amazing stories of God at work from the 24-7 Prayer room in June 2010 here:
"So peaceful, so timeless, a space to lose yourself, no distractions, and no one to hinder me from being in God’s presence"
"I can hardly believe it – I danced before the Lord in praise and thanksgiving. I moved in spite of all the physical limitations and self-imposed inhibitions. I felt the incredible gift of freedom, as though our all-seeing, all-knowing God was drawing something out from deep within my spirit and inviting me to risk the experience of His liberating power. Thank you, Jesus"